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We are an Independent Insurance Agency

US Auto & Home Insurance is committed to offering customer’s BETTER prices and BETTER protection. We offer the services of 10+ AM Best “excellent” rated insurance companies, which separates us from the “exclusive” insurance companies that advertise heavily but can only quote you with one company. With a prompt, professional insurance policy review, our agents have been extremely effective at saving customer’s money, while at the same time making absolutely sure that they are properly protected. Please give us a call, send us an email, or fill out an on-line quote request and let us demonstrate that we are different, and that you’ll have more peace-of-mind then ever knowing that you are covered, and you aren’t paying too much.


After getting bombarded on a daily basis with commercials for auto and homeowners insurance, I decided to take the plunge and get a quote. I chose US Auto and Home because they told me that they would run me with 10 top carriers, instead of just one carrier (like a State Farm or Nationwide or Geico do). It was easy, and my wife and I ended up saving over $1,100 per year that we would much rather spend on our kids. Thank you Tom!


When I got my homeowner renewal and saw my price went up for the FOURTH YEAR in a row, I decided to get a quote just to make sure I wasn’t getting taken advantage of by the big insurance company. I have 2 cars, and a $520,000 house – I saved $1,400! Hey, it turns out a little competition is healthy, Ron asked me about 10 questions, and sent me the quotes. I told my sister and brother-in-law, they literally saved $1,900!! I then told my assistant and she and her husband saved $900.

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